Our mission is to give humans more time for themselves and help them better understand and use technology.

End user in the first place

Dedicated to make life easier, Ionkom products tries to eliminate the time wasted between people and machines and make their online presence to be more efficient and valuable, everything with the goal of more direct real world interactions.

Increase conversation efficiency and organize information

Unstructured data is growing at 55-65 percent each year and as much as 90 percent of that data is defined as unstructured data. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are arriving just in time to help us.

Ionkom services powered by AI:

Little help in Healthcare

Ionkom Coronavirus Self-Chacker is our first product in health universe. It is a digital assistant that helps people to:
  • get fast guidance to the official information about COVID-19
  • get a quick overview about vaccine options
  • get help in simptoms identification
  • learn how to interpret self-tests

Relevant News Platform

In a world full of information we need a filter. Relevant initiative aims to address this problem and tries to present a different point of view about today news relevance and true value.

e-Learning Content

Every theoretical information can now be learned from internet. The key stays in perseverance, guidance, directions and long term goals.

Cyber Security and Privacy Services

Security and privacy on the internet is the most important thing. We want to educate our customers to apply a security layer on their online presence.

Research and Development

Constant research in information technology is crucial for our business, see here the list of technologies that are on our radar. The IT industry is not the single place where we try to inovate, we are also so interested in how to make the micro-economy actors to interact with eatch other in order to have an uniform distribution of wealth.

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